About us

We are koto, a new UK-based fintech start-up that provides stress-free credit options via a convenient app. No hidden fees, no asterisks, no nonsense - all clear and fair. Just grab your smartphone to create a virtual koto account and spend in minutes using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Our founders recently created the highly successful monobank, in their native Ukraine, with over 1 million customers in just over a year! We know what we are doing and how you want us to do it. koto takes a different approach to credit, providing customers with choices in how you use and manage your money and your credit. It’s all about you, and the cat! If you’ve not met him yet, you soon will!

Our stress-free koto credit app will give you access to everything you would expect and more! Your koto app will let you sign up and spend in minutes using Apple Pay or Google Pay. Get real-time alerts on your spending to keep you up to date with your money. Stress-free travel with no fees from us for using your card abroad and shake-to-pay friends and family in seconds.

We created koto to help people feel more confident in their financial decisions. Our app is custom built to be clear and fair, just like the service we provide. Get credit that suits your needs in real-time! Terms apply

koto the stress-free credit app. Get koto meow!

koto mascot cat in the glasses lying on the floor